Red Roof Inn in Kenly robbed

Kenly Police were called to Red Roof Inn motel on Johnston Parkway in Kenly at approximately 5:15 on Sunday morning, Feb. 12 following the report of a robbery.
According to Police Chief Josh Gibson the motel desk clerk on duty at the time said three or four heavily-masked and heavily-clothed male suspects entered the office, demanded money the and pulled a gun on the victim.
After giving the suspects the money in the cash register the victim said they noticed the safe and demanded he open it and give them whatever was inside.
When he told them he didn’t have the combination they began beating him with a gun and their fists and took off in search of the motel manager.
The manager reportedly saw them coming and called 9-1-1 and the suspects left.
Neither the manager nor the victim was able to get a good look at the suspects and no details were given of any vehicle involved according to Chief Gibson.
Kenly Police Department is investigating the incident and would like for anyone who witnessed saw anything to please call 919 284-2116.

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