Pine Level Seniors Hear About Refugees

Ned and Marian Walsh of Princeton were guests of the Pine Level Seniors group at its monthly meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 8, in the American Legion Building.

The couple spoke on the subject of their recent mission trip to Amman, Jordan from Sept 16, 2016 until Oct. 4, 2016.

They used a slide presentation to help show conditions faced by refugees trying to escape the country.

“Our goal in going on this trip was to learn from the Syrian and Iraqi refugees and to return to be their voices and to tell their stories,” said Ned Walsh. “As followers of Christ we could do no less than to let these desperate people know there were still United States citizens who cared and remembered them. Hate and ignorance are not the answers.”

“We were hosted by the Collateral Repair Project in Amman,” said Walsh.

“We paid for the trip ourselves without any funding from anyone with political ties,” said Ned Walsh. “We were there not to teach but to learn so that we could return and tell their story

Walsh said the message being sent as he interpreted it was ‘just because we are Muslims does not mean we are terrorists or a violent people like you. We reject violence and ISIS. ISIS and the sectarian violence is not about religion. It is about power and control.’

Following the lecture and slide presentation the couple fielded questions from guests about the mission trip

Abu Nabil, left, an attorney from Damascus, Syria, and his daughter, Maria, are shown with Ned Walsh in this photo taken in Amman, Jordan, shortly before Ned and Marian Walsh returned home from their mission trip to Jordan last summer.

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