Selma mayor, council hear citizens’ concerns

Selma Mayor Cheryl Oliver and members of the town council heard from residents last Thursday night.

The first of four neighborhood meetings was held at the Harrison Center For Active Aging on West Noble Street.

Three of four councilmen were present. Only Councilman Tommy Holmes was absent. Oliver said she didn’t know why he wasn’t there.

Staff members who attended were: Town Manager Jon Barlow, Police Chief Richard Cooper, Police Capt. Billy Thomas, Capt. Ronald Daniel, Fire Chief Phillip McDaniel, Electric Director Donald Baker, Public Services Director Alex Fuller, Recreation and Library Services Director Joe Carter and Planning and Economic Development Director Julie Maybee.

Six residents offered comments at the meeting.

Topics discussed included: the need to improve existing sidewalks and cross walks where possible, the need for additional sidewalks, a review of ordinance provisions and guidelines.

Some residents said some streets need to be repaved.

“Citizens understand that the town has to prioritize projects,” said Maybee. “We also need to rebrand Selma. It’s more than just an antique center.”

The need for places and activities for children in Selma was raised. Residents said some playground equipment is old and that more outside basketball courts are needed at the Harrison Center.

Rental property owners need to take pride in the maintenance of their building and grounds, one resident said. Those gathered also discussed the need for tenants in vacant downtown buildings.

Residents said the town staff was good to work with and responsive to service requests.

“Everyone who attended proactively participated and provided valuable insights,” said Oliver. “It was a relaxed informal atmosphere where all participants felt they could freely express their ideas.”

Oliver said these meetings are important because the town staff and leaders are focused on serving the citizens.

“It is important that we have sessions like those to get real-time feedback from those we serve,” Oliver said.

The date for the next neighborhood meeting hasn’t been set yet.

Selma Mayor Cheryl Oliver

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