LATEST: Kenly Motel 6 shooting victim released from hospital

A spokesperson for WakeMed said Friday morning the victim in a Monday night shooting at the Kenly Motel 6 has been released from the hospital.

Kenly Police Chief Josh Gibson said Wednesday, Oct. 11 he hopes a Motel 6 video will answer questions in the Monday night shooting at the Kenly motel.

Gibson said Kary A. Kiker, of Buchanan, Ga. was allegedly shot in the mouth by Anthony Terrence Rollins, 51, Heflin, Ala.

“They were just a few feet from each other in the doorway of room 114,” said Gibson. “Rollins was inside the doorway and Kiker was standing outside the doorway when the shooting occurred.

Kiker was rushed to WakeMed Monday night in what the hospital originally stated was “fair” condition.

Kenly Police are still trying to determine a motive in the shooting which Police Chief Josh Gibson described as “an ordeal with two friends that got carried too far.”

“There are two minute differences in the ending of the story,” said Gibson. “That’s why we need to see the video.”

Gibson said Detective Rayne Biggs was sending evidence to the SBI for analysis.

Police were dispatched to the motel, located at 843 Johnston Parkway, at 10:30 p.m.

Anthony Terrence Rollins, 51, of Heflin, Ala., was charged with one felony count of attempt with a deadly weapon to kill or inflict serious injury and discharging a firearm within town limits. He was transported to the Johnston County Jail where he is being held on a $500,000 secured bond.

Rollins, Kiker and several other people staying at the motel were employed by an Alabama pipeline company, L.E. Bell Construction Co., and headed to Washington, D.C. to work on a pipeline project.

Gibson said the crew knew each other well and had worked together for years. Rollins and Kiker lived about 30 minutes from each and Gibson said Rollins was familiar with Kiker’s family. Gibson said members of the crew had been drinking and were horsing around.

Rollins and Kiker were staying in room 114. Gibson said in the original version Kiker was playing practical jokes while Rollins was trying to sleep. At some point, Rollins produced a 22-magnum, small caliber revolver and allegedy shot Kiker.

The other version is that Rollins may have been asleep in Room 114. Kiker may have entered the room, startled Rollins and he shot him.

Gibson said the 4-5 people who witnessed the shooting, along with the suspect, were all forthcoming.

Gibson said Wednesday afternoon that Rollins was still cooperative, upset about the shooting and had waived all of his rights.

“Except for the last few seconds, at the point in which Rollins allegedly shot Kiker, all of the witness accounts are the same,” said Rollins.

“Rollins was worried to death about his friend,” said Gibson. “He said he couldn’t belief he did it.”

Kenly Police Detective Rayne Biggs is handling the ongoing investigation.

“She has done a wonderful job, gathering all the evidence and intel,” said Gibson. “She was the first on the scene, processed it, got the statements and a search warrant for the motel room.”

Gibson said police are awaiting a video of the doorway where the shooting took place

Anthony Rollins

Kary Kiker

from Motel 6.


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