2018 Tobacco Trust Fund Commission is accepting applications for grant projects


Supporting the agricultural industry, impacting rural communities and stimulating economic development are key objectives for the 2018 NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission (NCTTFC) grant cycle.  Funds will be awarded in the fall of 2018 for innovative projects.

Applications are now online at www.tobaccotrustfund.org for qualifying organizations, government agencies and non-profits.  “NCTTFC priorities for this year are to help job creation in current or former tobacco-dependent regions and fund projects that have the potential to generate additional income for the farming sectors,” said William H. “Bill” Teague, NCTTFC Chairman.  “We will fund a wide variety of projects later this year that will support farmers across North Carolina.”

The Commission was established in 2000 by the N.C. General Assembly to help members of the tobacco community including farmers, tobacco workers and related businesses. Its original funding was established through tobacco industry annual payments as a result of the Master Settlement Agreement.  Funding is now appropriated to the Commission which then reviews, selects and disperses the funds to grant projects.

The list of current Commission projects includes cost-share grant programs for individual farmers, training for qualified farm family members in community colleges and support of 30+ high school agricultural education programs.

More information can be found at the Commission’s website, or by calling
919-733-2160.  The deadline for applications is March 6, 2018.

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