Brannan honored as ‘Leading with the Heart’ at MES

Helen Brannan

Micro Elementary School exceptional children teacher Helen Brannan has been named the school’s “Leading With the Heart” recipient by Johnston County Schools.

The honor, inspired by Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyewski’s book “Leading With The Heart,” recognizes employees throughout the school system that demonstrate leadership, compassion and heart on a daily basis.

“Helen Brannan is very energetic and dedicated to her students,” said Micro Elementary School Principal T.J. Parrish. “She is non-stop 24/7 and is always working. She has a heart of gold and if her students ever need anything she is going to take care of it by any means necessary and is going to make it happen.”

Parrish said Helen Brannan treats all children like they are her own by standing up for them and providing for them.

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