Selma’s Planning/Economic Development Director retires

Selma’s Planning and Economic Development Director Julie Maybee will retire on April 1. Town Manager Elton Daniels said he will make a formal announcement at the Tuesday, 13 Selma Town Council meeting.

Maybee declined to commit at this time but said she’d have more to say as her retirement date nears.

“I appreciate her dedication to the Town of Selma,” said Daniels. “I asked her to stay but after 32 years of public service she’s ready to retire.”

Maybee came to the Town of Selma in September 2014 from the town of Trinity, where she was involved in planning and code enforcement.

She is a certified building, plumbing and electrical inspector. Maybee graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in public administration and economics. She has worked in planning in Durham and worked in economic development in Roxboro. Maybee has a grown daughter.

Daniels said that with Maybee’s retirement comes an opportunity to re-evaluate the position. Daniels raised the possibility of  creating two positions, a planning director and an economic development director.

“We’ll decide as we’re going forward,” said Daniels. “What we approve will be determined by the 2018-2019 budget.”

Julie Maybee retires March 31.


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