Highway intersection at 42 and 39 to become a roundabout this year

By Steve Reed


The intersection at N.C. Highways 42 and 39 is about to undergo another change. It will become a roundabout.

Two years ago, the state Department of Transportation added a four-way stop.

NCDOT spokesperson Andrew Barksdale said the four-way stop was always an interim measure.

“It was an interim measure to improve the safety of this intersection until we can build the roundabout,” said Barksdale. “We did a report in 2015 describing the need for this project and the need to reduce crashes.”

One of the problems with the intersection, said Barksdale, is that it has a skewed angle.

“That makes it harder for people to stop and crane their necks to look for oncoming traffic,” said Barksdale. “This roundabout will eliminate that skewed angle of the present intersection.”

Barksdale described the project.

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