Marguerite DiGiovanni, 100, ‘sweetened with age’

Marguerite DiGiovanni

By Keith Barnes

Marguerite DiGiovanni, an upstate New York transplant now living in Kenly, turned 100 years old on Wednesday, March 7. She said the secret to reaching this milestone has been fairly simple.

“Have a strong faith and trust in God and try to be kind to everybody,” she said.

To help DiGiovanni celebrate the birthday, her children David, Rocco and Mary Susan, all area residents, are taking their mother out to eat at whatever restaurant she chooses followed by a special birthday treat at the office of Dr. Jarmella Russell in Smithfield, who has planned a birthday party to coincide with DiGiovanni’s regularly-scheduled office visit with her.    

DiGiovanni was born Margeurite DiRomo on March 7, 1918 in Rochester, N.Y. where she, along with three brothers and one sister, spent her childhood.

Her early interests included music, sports and art.

After graduating from high school, she stayed in Rochester and married Ernest DiGiovanni in 1942.

When he went off to war, she remained in Rochester.

Following the war Ernest DiGiovanni

returned home and became a cobbler while Marguerite took a job working at a baby food company.

The DiGiovannis had three sons and two daughters and continued living for many years in Upstate New York before moving briefly to California and ultimately returning to New York.

The oldest son, David DiGiovanni, 74, who lives with his mother, said his early childhood memories during the 1940s were that his was always a loving family.

Ernest DiGiovanna died in 1995 at the age of 73.

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