Selma Police, with woman’s help, make drug arrest

Selma Police, with the assistance of a 28-year-old woman, arrested a Four Oaks man on Tuesday, April 10 on felony charges including second-degree kidnapping.

Brandon Keith Sims, 26, Four Oaks, also faces felony charges of LSD possession, common law obstruction of justice and interfering with an electronic monitor device.

He was also charged on misdemeanor counts of violating a domestic violence protection order, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, marijuana paraphernalia, single possession of Schedule 2 and Schedule 4 drugs.

Selma Police were dispatched to the McDonald’s on U.S. 70 on Tuesday, April 10 at 6:14 p.m. regarding a suspicious person who had warrants issued on him.

Police spoke with the woman who called Central Communications and reported Sims. She told police she knew Sims had outstanding warrants because he cut off his ankle bracket.

The woman said Sims asked her to help him get something to eat, some money and cigarettes. She wouldn’t tell him her address and Sims said he’d meet her at the McDonalds.

The woman told police she was scared of Sims because he was dangerous. She wanted to remain anonymous because she was afraid Sims would hurt her. She went inside the McDonalds, under police surveillance but nothing happened.

While waiting inside McDonalds, the woman flagged down another Selma police officer and said Sims was staying at the Master’s Inn at 318 U.S. Hwy 70A. Police units were dispatched to the motel to wait for her.’

The woman called police a few minutes later and said she’d gone to Econo Lodge first, 1780 Outlet Center Dr., because Sims had mentioned it.

She told police she’d made contact with Sims and that he was staying on the second floor of the Master’s Inn and that he was nervous because of the police presence. The woman said Sims told her to drive around to the back of the motel, pick him up and they’d drive off.

She said she’s get Sims to get in her car and they’d go to McDonalds to eat. Police watched her go behind the building and waited. Some time past and police received a text from the woman. The text message read, “I’m going upstairs, they are selling weed and I’m going to get the room number for you.”

A few minutes passed, and the woman texted, “He’s nervous. His friend came around and said the law is blocked in.”

Police observed a suspicious male leave the parking lot and return with a vehicle to the rear parking lot. Police made contact with him and identified him as Jacob Turner. He said he was staying in room 234 and trying to keep to himself.

Police texted the woman and she replied, “You’re reading my mind. There are drugs of all kinds. In five minutes, I’ll get a room number.”

Police advised her that as soon as they got a room number, they’d move in. In a few minutes she said, “230 move in.”

Police went to room 230 and tried to make contact with the people inside. Police made several loud knocks on the door, along with verbal commands, but no one would answer the door.

The woman then texted police and said that the suspects were in the bathroom.

Police made several loud commands and knocks on the door with no response. One of the officers went to the front desk to get a room key. While they were waiting, the woman sent another text.

“He has crystal meth and marijuana in his pants,” the woman said. “I don’t feel threatened but he won’t let me leave. I told him I had to go to my son’s game. He said, ‘You can’t now, you got to wait for them to leave.’”

A police officer returned with room keys but they didn’t work. The woman texted police that Sims wanted her to get in the shower. Police said they heard a woman scream and then received a text that said, “Please help.”

Police attempted unsuccessfully to break down the door. Police broke the large window next to the motel room door and entered. They found the woman in the shower partially undressed. Sims was arrested and police made sure the woman was all right.

Police read Sims his rights, searched him and seized a large bag of marijuana. Police told him the woman wanted to press kidnapping charges and would give a written statement.

While searching the motel room, numerous narcotics were located.

Sims was transported to the Johnston County Jail under a $125,000 secured bond.

Brandon Keith Sims of Four Oaks was arrested in Selma on drug and kidnapping charges.

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