Nurse practitioner Amanda Cannon right where she wants to be in Kenly office

Nurse Practitioner Amanda Cannon

By Keith Barnes

Wilson native Amanda Cannon, a nurse practitioner at Kenly Medical Associates since 2014, said she is doing exactly what she always wanted to do.

“I wanted to be a nurse practitioner, but I did not know it would be like this,” said Cannon. “This is nice.”

Cannon said one of the pleasant things she quickly learned about Kenly is how personable everyone seemed to be.

“I love Kenly and its small town atmosphere,” said Cannon. “We have some sweet patients here who want to take care of you and let you know you are really appreciated. One lady knitted scarves for the whole office staff.”

Cannon said patients bring in tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, squash, cakes and “all kinds of good stuff” for the staff and employees.

“That is something you do not get in the larger cities,” she said.

Cannon, daughter of Larry and Carol Hall, attended Fike High School in Wilson and received her bachelor’s in nursing from Barton College in 2002.

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