Braswell concedes, Stewart wins District 3 board of commissioners race

Dickie Braswell

Dickie Braswell, in a May 25 letter, conceded the District 3 board of commissioners race to incumbent Chad Stewart.

A Thursday, May 24 recount by the Johnston County Board of Elections showed: Stewart, 4,373, 50.1 percent; Braswell, 4,351, 49.9 percent.

Stewart lost one vote in the South Elevation precinct. There was a problem on May 8 with one ballot. It was re-fed twice into the counting machine and Stewart was accidentally given one extra vote.

In his letter, which he e-mailed to Johnston County Elections Director Leigh Anne Price, Braswell said:

“On Thursday, May 24, I witnessed a machine recount of all the votes casts on May 8…I am confident that the machine recount is accurate and no further hand-eye count will change that outcome.

“I hereby concede that Chad has won the right to represent the people of District 3…I encourage all those who supported my candidacy to solidly support Chad so that he can be a strong advocate for all the people of Johnston County.

“While I cannot rule out another challenge in four years, I wish Chad and the other commissioners the best as they strive to keep Johnston County moving forward.”

Braswell’s concession avoids a possible hand recount, which he could have requested. Two precincts would be pulled at random and recounted.

If there were no errors, Stewart would have been declared the winner. If there were discrepancies in either precinct,  a hand recount of all ballots could be requested.

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