SMS staff named JC Employees of Year

Selma Middle School’s Kelvin McCulllers, left, and Kisha Cummingham were named the 2017-2018 JCPS Custodian and Cafeteria Manager of the Year.

By Steve Reed

Two Johnston County schools award winners believe teamwork produces success. Kisha Cunningham is Selma Middle School’s cafeteria manager and Kelvin McCullers is the school’s head custodian.

Both were named Johnston County Schools Employees of the Year in their respective categories. She has been at Selma two years,  while he’s been there 12 years.

“I didn’t find out until the school system’s awards banquet, Tuesday, April 24,” said Cunningham. “I was excited and a little emotional.”

McCullers said he found out about his award when it was announced at the awards ceremony.

“I was excited,” said McCullers. “It felt good to be appreciated. I have a great team and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Cunningham agreed.

“We can’t run these things by ourselves,” said Cunningham. “When you have dedicated people, who do what they’re supposed to do, you can make it work.”

McCullers is supposed to have three custodians but one position is vacant.

“You have to stay on top of your job,” said McCullers. “It’s consistency that counts. We do everything.”

Doing everything included McCullers killing two snakes this week.

McCullers said he enjoys helping teachers and working with the children.

“You become a role model for the children,” said McCullers. “When one of them walks up to you and says, ‘Mr. McCullers, can I help you?’ That’s unique.”

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