PES fifth graders explore careers through Career Cafe’

Dr. Jason Nackley, a Goldsboro chiropractor, demonstrates therapeutic treatment on Princeton Elementary fifth grade teacher Betsy Bridgers at the school’s Career Cafe.

By Steve Reed

Fifth graders at Princeton Elementary School have been exploring career possibilities.

School Counselor Sarah Nackley has been hosting a Career Café for the students and introducing them to career possibilities.

Earlier presenters have been Justin Willoughby, the school’s PE teacher, on being a professional athlete or coach; Kelly Crocker, the school’s art teacher, on becoming an artist; Brian Peele, finance director at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals; 

Also, Tracy McKinley, Information Technology manager at KS Bank; Bridget Johnson, hairstylist and cosmetology instructor; Cyndi Joyner, nail technician; Jennifer Hinton-Marion, U.S. Army and Teddy Edmonds, firefighter.

For her last Career Café, Nackley didn’t have to go far for a presenter. She invited her husband, Dr. Jason Nackley, a Goldsboro chiropractic physician.

Nackley came with a large model of the spine and an examining table. He has been a chiropractor for 11 years and is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College.

“We allow the body to heal itself with chiropractic care,” said Nackley. “We do that with the help of the bones.”

Nackley said any bone or joint could be adjusted.

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