Lewis tells students to ‘Go back to Creator to find life’s power source’

Tynesha Lewis

By Steve Reed


Tynesha Lewis, Princeton High School’s baccalaureate speaker, said she made one great decision when she gave her life to Christ.

The former Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) player and motivational speaker combined humor, common sense and biblical truth when she addressed the Class of 2018 Tuesday, June 5, at Princeton Church of God.

The annual service is sponsored by Princeton’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

“We need to go back to our Creator to find life’s power source,” said Lewis. “Too many times, we’re using the wrong charge to try to do what we need to do and it doesn’t work.”

Lewis said there are Six Fs needed in life to be successful. The first F is Friends.

“We can tell where we’re going to be in life by the friendships we make,” said Lewis. “Our friends and future are intertwined.”

She said God loved her to surround her with friends who lift her up. “There will be rain in your life and you forget God. We need friends who are dream reminders of who we are and what God wants us to be.”

The second F, Lewis said, is Family.

“We need to honor our mother and father,” said Lewis. “My parents weren’t perfect but they did alright. I’m who I am because of the mistakes they made and the things they did right.”

The third and fourth F’s are Fear or Faith.

“The world gives us every reason to be fearful, said Lewis. “God gives us every reason to have faith. How many times do we neglect to stand up for Him because we’re afraid of His response?”

Lewis told the seniors they needed to take their first step of faith and not let anyone stand in their way.

“Words are life and spirit,” said Lewis. “All my successes started with the words I spoke. You need to speak it until you see it and keep speaking it.”

The fifth and sixth Fs were Fail or Finish.

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