JCPS announces new online enrollment process

Johnston County Public Schools has implemented a new online Enrollment/Registration system for all new students coming to the district. The new process is also for current students who are transferring to another school within the district.

The system can be accessed starting today, June 18, 2018, by visiting the JCPS enrollment webpage at

JCPS piloted the new online system earlier this year for kindergarten registration in preparation for the transition.

“This was a huge success with parents expressing their excitement and gratitude to the school district for moving to a much more efficient method of registering their children without completing mounds of paperwork,” said Dan Hicks, JCPS Executive Director of Information Services. “We feel this process is moving our school district forward while providing new tools for conducting day-to-day operations.”

The online process will dramatically reduce the time and resources required for school enrollment. However, parents and guardians will still be required to visit the school for a face-to-face meeting to complete the process.


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