‘From the Wings’ author plans Sept. 29 book-signing event

For the Johnstonian News

PINE LEVEL — Johnston County native and award-winning author Jeri Fitzgerald Board will present a program on her new book, “From the Wings: A Novel of Women at War,” at 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29 at Pine Level Hardware and Furniture, 219 N. Peedin Ave.

Board is the daughter of the late Suzette and Alton Fitzgerald of Pine Level. She published her first novel, “The Bed She Was Born In” to critical acclaim in 2006.

In 2007, Board won the President’s Award of the North Carolina Society of Historians, which deemed “The Bed She Was Born In” as the most significant contribution to North Carolina history that year.

In preparing for her new book, Board spent years reading and researching information about women who had held unusual and relatively unknown jobs during World War II.

“From the Wings” is based on the memoirs and biographies of dozens of women who worked underground to subvert the most terrifying war machine in modern history and the wartime activities of several of those women are portrayed in the book.

When Hitler’s troops storm France in the summer of 1940, a Broadway actress named Eve Sands is forced to face the fact that the future she had envisioned no longer exists.

Hoping to distance herself from the complications of her former life, Eve joins the International Red Cross and sails for England. Aboard ship, she overhears a frightening exchange between two men plotting to sabotage British tank deployments in North Africa — an experience that ultimately catapults her into the shadowy depths of war-torn Europe where the art of the ruse is the only defense against sudden death.

When not working a regular job in a London hospital, Eve adopts clever disguises and personalities to courier diamonds to various networks of the resistance in Nazi-occupied France. In this new role, she is joined by a remarkable cast: a German Jew with a gift for impersonation; a special operations assistant to Winston Churchill; a Russian fighter pilot known as “The White Rose of Stalingrad;” the indomitable Sisters of Saint Lorraine, who run their Paris convent as a safe house right under the Nazis’ noses; and, a British factory owner whose total devotion to the cause makes everything possible.

“From the Wings” is available in paperback on Amazon.com and E-book on Amazon Kindle, Smashbook and Book Nook.

Refreshments at the event will be provided by The Serving Spoon of Pine Level and copies of “From the Wings” will be available for sale. The author will sign new books as well as those purchased prior to the event.

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