County GOP withdraws support for school board candidate

The Johnston County Republican Party has withdrawn its support for incumbent school board member Butler Hall in the Nov. 6 general election.

Johnston County Board of Elections Director Leigh Anne Price said Hall recently visited her office, asked that if a candidate wanted to withdraw from the race, could his name be withdrawn from the ballot.

Price said she told Hall the deadline for having one’s name removed from the ballot was Feb. 23.

She said she considered Hall’s questions “hypothetical” and that he never said he personally wanted to withdraw his name.

In an e-mail received today by The Johnstonian News from Johnston County Republican Party Chairman Darryl Mitchell, he expressed his opinion of Hall’s candidacy.

“How can he (Hall) request to have his name removed from the ballot, then say he never wanted to withdraw?,” said Mitchell. “Considering Mr. Hall’s last place finish among the five Republicans in the primary election, his lack of cooperation and communication with the party, and his inconsistent desire to run for another term, the Johnston County Republican Party can no longer support his candidacy in good faith.”

Mitchell said he asked Butler to issue a press release regarding his campaign.

“I asked him if he would issue a press release, as I felt it was important for voters to know of his intentions, and help redirect votes to those still in the race, but he was not interested in doing so,” said Mitchell.

Hall has declined to comment.

Butler Hall

In the May 8 primary, Hall ran next to last in a field of eight candidates with 3,696 votes, or 10 percent of the vote and originally did not qualify for a seat on the board.

Then on May 18, the North Carolina Board of Elections voided the Johnston County school board results because state law said a minimum of nine candidates should have been on the ballot to fill three seats.

The state said all eight candidates would face each other again in the Nov. 6 general election. The top three vote getters would be awarded school board seats.

On May 18, Hall told The Selma News he was still trying to process the state’s decision.

“Things happen for a reason,” said Hall at the time. “This decision allows two candidates another opportunity to present their positions to the voters of our county.”






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