Langdon and Lee re-elected soil and water conservation supervisors

SMITHFIELD–John Langdon and Douglas Lee defeated two other candidates Tuesday to win another term as Johnston County Soil and Water Conservation supervisors. Langdon and Lee will serve alongside three other supervisors who also sit on the board.

Langdon led the candidates with 30,763 votes (34%). Lee received 22,877 votes (25%). The other candidates were Doris Wallace and Timothy Strickland. Wallace got 21,224 votes (23%) and Strickland got 15,249 votes (17%).

According to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Consumer Services, Soil and Water Conservation supervisors deliver state programs administered by the division, including: the Agriculture Cost Share Program (ACSP), the Agricultural Water Resources Assistance Program (AgWRAP), Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP) and Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP).

They also deliver federal Farm Bill conservation programs involving water quality practices, farmland protection, wetlands restoration and wildlife habitat enhancemenAssist communities in many areas of natural resource management such as erosion and sediment control, source water protection, stormwater management, floodplain management and flood control, water use efficiency, stream restoration, open spaces and small-plot forestry management.

They also respond to natural disasters by helping local landowners and state and local governments with clean-up efforts and restoration including cropland and drainage system cleanup, repair of conservation best management practices, livestock mortality issues and waste management systems and respond to projects of local interest such as conservation easements, environmental education centers, parks and demonstration farms.

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