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Know that God has a plan for you

Sometimes God just has other things in mind. We can plan and plot, organize and schedule. Then, as if from nowhere, the bottom falls out. Everything we have agonized over for hours or even days comes …
Corey friedman

Trump purges politics from diversity training

President Donald Trump’s critics are branding him a bigot again. This time, they’re crying wolf. At Trump’s behest, the Office of Management and Budget told federal agencies to freeze …

Are the socialists coming?

Mitch McConnell texted me the other day with an urgent message. If Democrats are elected — particularly Joe Biden — America will be lost to socialism. OK, it wasn’t just me. Mitch actually …
Today, jury nullification exists in a delicate dance between judges, prosecutors and jurors. Federal courts acknowledge that juries can judge the law as well as the evidence, but they’ve also decided judges must withhold this information and instruct jurors to apply the law as it’s explained from the bench.

Courts can't censor jury rights flyers

Activists can’t be jailed for telling jurors they’re free to acquit defendants who break unjust laws, a federal court recently confirmed. U.S. District Judge Denise Cote struck down a …
Ned Walsh

We are harvesting Trump’s darkness

Darkness and light are cast as exact opposites in the battle between good and evil. Light as truth always eclipses darkness. However, evil, in all its darkness, can camouflage itself, can morph into …
Steve and Belinda Kirk

We are all God’s prodigal sons

Acceptance. We all search for it in some form or fashion. We want to be loved completely for who we are, warts and all. I think sometimes that’s where we stumble most in our walk with the Lord. …
More than a quarter of U.S. newspapers operating in 2005 have closed their doors, according to University of North Carolina professor Penelope Muse Abernathy’s research. Cratering ad revenues caused by the decline of brick-and-mortar retail and the rise of programmatic digital advertising have starved about 2,100 papers out of existence.

With war chests, candidates can support local news

Viewers tune them out; voters hate them; and researchers call them ineffective. But attack ads continue chewing up airtime as the slow march to Election Day becomes a six-week sprint. Campaigns …

Ultimately, Johnston school leaders make the right call

After Johnston school leaders in August delayed the return of in-person learning, a friend asked me when I thought children might be back in their classrooms. I told him that I thought students would …
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