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Accept his invitation to sit a spell

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What an invitation, what a privilege, what a joy and honor to be invited into the place where the Lord dwells. Why would we ever choose to decline? Why would we ever choose anything other than to run into his presence with the fullness of joy and throw ourselves into his arms?


Yet it is our ever-constant struggle, isn’t it? The idea of sitting still for a few minutes, Bible in hand, seems so daunting, so stress-filled, so impossible, so low on our priority list for the day.

If we only understood, if we could only grasp its importance, this alone time with God, the invitation.

Human nature tells us that it can’t be this easy. It can’t be this easy to be totally and completely loved. Our nature says we have to earn our right to stand before perfection, without judgment. It tells us we must be good enough to warrant an invitation.

And so, we decline. We refuse to sit with him, even for a little while in the stillness of life. We work, and we strive, and we push and pull, desperately trying to make our lives look better or cleaner. And all the while, he waits. He woos. He invites us lovingly into his presence.

Yet, he knows we must come on our own. So, he is patient, and he waits. His desire is for you, dear friend, dear child of his. His desire is not for what you can do for him or how clean you can be doing it. His desire is for your companionship, your sonship, your daughterhood, your presence. He wants to share with you all the wisdom, all the understanding, all the ins and outs of this life. He wants to share these things with you through his spirit, which is at work in you, even now.

He wants to give you all your heart truly desires, even though you might not even know that what you truly desire is oneness with the father, an unbroken fellowship, all-night talks, laughter throughout the day over silly things, shared tears and sorrows, arms to fall into and a shoulder to cry on, all wrapped up in perfected relationship, no condemnation, no ulterior motives, no sacrifices required, except a willingness to sit still for just a little while and listen to his voice.

“Come to me,” he says in soothing, gentle tones. “Come.” (Matthew 11:28).

Will you?

Today’s prayer: Dearest father, I am here. I am waiting patiently at this hour to hear from You. Speak, Lord. Speak.

Steve and Belinda Kirk write the “Everyday Grace” devotional for the Johnstonian News. Reach them at 919-449-5745 and