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Hatred for President Trump undermines American pride

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For all of my life, if an event occurred like the president meeting with a foreign leader for peace, or a national team playing for a world championship, or a booming economy that is benefiting us all, or just celebrating freedom during Independence Day, Americans celebrated together — in unity — as proud Americans. In 2019, it’s different.

Why is this happening?

There is only one answer — hatred for Donald Trump by the left in this country. Hatred of Donald Trump by the Democratic Party. Hatred by some on the right — and hatred by some in the middle. Pure, unadulterated hate.

And for what reason? Most of them don’t even know themselves. They just know they hate him. Most don’t even admit it. They just carry it around. After while, that hate turns to bitterness in their own lives that is shown toward their own family.

This group of people normally will try to turn it around on us to say we are the haters when in actuality, they are the ones with the hate.

Thursday was July Fourth. Independence Day. A time to be Americans. Proud Americans. There is no other country in the history of the world like it, nor will ever be like it again.

Let go of your hate and celebrate our God-given freedom.

May God continue to bless the United States of America!

Elizabeth Temple