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Melania Trump sets sterling example

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Melania Trump (Melanija Knavs) from Yugoslavia legally immigrated to the United States, leaving a communist country. She has a biblical Ruth spirit as a wife and is extremely competent as first lady. She is educational with children, adults and foreign leaders. She energetically travels and supports her husband, Donald J. Trump, and never offends anyone.

A model by age 5, her beauty is obvious to all, but it goes much, much deeper than that. She said in interviews before the 2016 election that she has a brain, and her husband has a brain. They think for themselves. Mrs. Trump genuinely cares about everything and everyone, and she is color-blind to race, as is her husband. They do not see things through race, as good people do not and should not.

With a small staff of 10 people, she does her work herself at the White House in Washington. She stays out of politics and does not put disasters on the American people like Michelle Obama’s school lunch program or Hillary Clinton’s health care for all, making everyone miserable, nor does she abhor the country. She loves it!

Not only is she fluent in five languages, she has a servant attitude and does not expect things of other people. She is quite respectful of this country and the job that her husband does, and always has been. She stated that nothing surprises her. Her destiny was to come here to the United States of America, she worked for it, and by worldwide accounts, she is the most gracious first lady of all time. We should be very thankful for such a kind soul of impeccable manners who helps children in need through her work in various charities.

Proverbs 31:10-30: “A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds.”

Elizabeth Temple