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Sheriff, school officials fall short

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Another WTSB radio broadcast aired 17 July with Sheriff Steve Bizzell and it was another “fluff piece” designed to promote how wonderful he is and how well he claims to work with others. This, of course, is not an interview you can call into, make comments or ask questions. So, no critics allowed.

One of my great-uncles was a career Navy chaplain and was present for prayer and last rites at almost every island campaign in the South Pacific during World War II. He saw thousands of my brother Marines die in grisly ways and prayed while looking for Marines missing in action. My uncle never told me that God had told him where people were, as Bizzell has claimed.

It is not my job to judge anyone, I believe God judges us all and will judge the poor leaders we have in Johnston County who lie and hide behind the personnel law and other abuses of power when their time comes. Bizzell described himself on the radio as “Andy of Mayberry,” which makes Chief Deputy Bengie Gaddis his Barney Fife! The only comparison I’ve seen to the Mayberry show has been the comedic antics, i.e. fraudulent teachers, CSX and numerous others in JoCo.

They have shown us that their power and unity in using that power will not be penetrated by any lawful means by the public they serve.

Changing gears: Questions I’d like answered is how long will it take to bring the alleged two felon “teachers” to trial? Will there be a trial, as the facts may embarrass the school administration? Also, will the children who were “taught” by the fake teachers going to be given credit for the classes they attended? After all, those classes were perpetrated by fraud.

Jim Davenport