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Trump empowers Americans to reach their goals

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President Trump is the “empowerment president.” He empowers people, his daughter, Ivanka, they both do, around the globe, as well as Melania Trump, who visited Africa. He empowers America and other nations to be self-sufficient just as he does individuals to be free of control by the government.

Narcissistic people must control other people. These are the leaders of the Democratic Party. If you look at every person leading it, you see self-serving people who must have others to control — otherwise, they themselves, cannot be in control.

The media is one and the same with the Democrats. They only put out propaganda, as a state-run media would, like North Korea, they are one in the same. It is the worst it has ever been. Those reporters who try to do the right thing are ostracized and not retained.

Soldiers are not to just be admired or thanked, they are to be joined. To learn to love your country, join the military, get a free college education, learn to deal with others as brothers on the battlefield and move up the ranks. The military offers opportunities to enjoy life, advance your skills and talents, and be self-confident with all races. But to be confident enough to join the military, you must feel empowered, and this does not happen in most public schools today.

No one really wants to be a “useful idiot” to the Democratic Party and advance its narcissistic leaders — not really. Democrats have no ideas and no good arguments, seeking only to let the government take care of everybody. To achieve this goal, they divide the country and make people feel uncomfortable with other races. This is a Democratic Party tactic that has been used for centuries on Americans of all colors. The countries that hate us recognize this weakness in us and play on it.

Narcissistic people like this are really bad for the country, just as President Trump said. When everything that comes out of your mouth has to do with race, then maybe you are the one who is a racist! Think about it.

All of these reasons here together are the reason they will fight this president to the death for impeachment so that they can keep their “useful idiots” and some over whom to rule and reign, along with other countries as a new world order that President George Herbert Walker Bush and John McCain so greatly admired, and Mitt Romney.

Donald Trump was and is the only person who can save America. He is not the typical Republican, and not the recognizable Democrat. He is for Americans.

Elizabeth Temple